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   Tarsis Humphreys is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu top competitor in the black belt “Peso Meio Pesado” division (under 88kg/194lbs). The Alliance BJJ academy representative was the first man graded by Fabio Gurgel from white to black belt to earn a gold medal at the World Championships (in the black belt division), Tarsis  was also the winner of the very first World Professional Jiu Jitsu Cup (today called Abu Dhabi World Pro) in both his weight and the open weight divisions back in 2009.

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rolls Gracie > Romero Cavalcanti > Fábio Gurgel > Tarsis Humphreys

Main Achievements:

  • IBJJF World Champion (2010)

  • IBJJF Pan American Champion (2006** brown)

  • IBJJF European Open Champion (2010)

  • CBJJ Brazilian National Champion (2006 brown, 2009)

  • IBJJF Los Angeles BJJ Pro Champion (2016)

  • IBJJF World Championship Runner-up (2000 blue junior, 2009/2015)

  • IBJJF Pan American Championship Runner-up (2004** brown, 2007**/2008)

  • IBJJF Pan American No-Gi Championship Runner-up (2008)

  • CBJJ Brazilian National Championship Runner-up (1998 child yellow, 2006 brown absolute, 2009)

  • IBJJF World Championship 3rd Place (2002 purple, 2004** brown/2005* brown, 2007/2008)

  • IBJJF Pan American No-Gi Championship 3rd Place (2008*)

  • IBJJF European Open Championship 3rd Place (2010*)

  • CBJJ Brazilian National Championship 3rd Place (2007)

  • ADCC Finals 3rd Place (2007)

Tarsis Humphreys was born on November 4th 1983 in Sao Paulo capital of Sao Paulo state in Brazil. He started training Jiu Jitsu when he was around 13 years of age after a close friend from school showed him a couple fo BJJ moves, namely the armbar and the “mata leao”. After Tarsis witnessed how effective these techniques were he decided to give Jiu Jitsu a go.

Tarsis’ first and only coach was the famous “General” of Alliance, Fabio Gurgel. Gurgel graded Tarsis in all his belt, including his black belt in 2006 just after he won the world title for the second time in the brown belt division. After he reached the black belt level, Tarsis Humphreys continued in good form proving he was more then capable of fighting amongst the best grapplers in the world, winning the Pan American Championships that year in both his weight and the open weight (absolute) division.

In 2009 after he won both his weight class and the absolute division at the World Pro Cup finals in Abu Dhabi (earning a total of 14 000 dollars in the process), Tarsis told the press he would use that money to invest on tuition for a new profession, though maintaining that he would not leave Jiu Jitsu. Tarsis would later move to the United States of America (2010) where he opened his own academy, though the American experience was short lived and he chose to return to Brazil.

  By: bjjheroes


   Professor David Guillent started training Jiu Jitsu nine years ago under the tutelage of Professor Elias Gallegos. In 2011 Professor David became the head instructor for the kids program and has since trained and produced many World and National Champions.


   Professor David also competes in tournaments all over California and Nevada, with notable Gold medals in NAGA Vegas 2013 and in the Gracie Nationals 2014 as a brown belt. Professor David enjoys sharing his knowledge of Jiu Jitsu with students of all ages and skill levels, and takes great pride in seeing them progress through the art.





  Juan Luis known as Calí is known for his standup fighting style. Calí started training in 1994 in Ensenada Baja under Jose Salgado a Muay Thai & Kickboxing Professor and Vladimir Garcia a Karate Instructor. He started competing MMA in 2002, Kickboxing in 2000 and in 2010 he fought in Thailand. Calí started training children in the ages of five and up in 2007 in San Diego, CA.


  He now has an amature Muai Thai Team and an active children's MMA Team.






   Cosmo embarked on his Journey to become a better fighter as a young adult. He began his journey with a few years of wrestling, followed by several years of traditional boxing. Still something was missing. He transitioned into kickboxing and thought at the age of 20 he had found his calling. Then after a few to many real life "street lessons" he realized he still had a lot to learn. This is where he made a life long transition to be the best he could be in the art of "Real Life Fighting".


   He researched several arts and was fortunate enough to find Kara Ho Kempo Karate founded by Professor William Kwai Sun Chow an art with only one goal street defense. After a long hard dedicated journey he received his first degree blackbelt on May 8th 2000,  he currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Blackbelt, and in his own journey he found a passion for teaching, building confidence in others, and ultimately helping others defend themselves. He became nationally recognized for fast hands/feet and his dojo and fellow instructors have been featured in dozens of world wide publications. With all this knowledge his mind still had the desire to expand his skills. He began fighting in several mixed martial arts (MMA) events. He quickly realized the majority of his Street Training resulted in severe injury to his attackers and did not translate well in a fighting sport with rules. He learned of yet another weakness,  his ground game. This resulted in a five year journey at The SD Fight Club  with Charlie Kohler learning the art of ground and pound Nogi. His goal to be as deadly on the ground as he was on his feet.


   He became a sponsored athlete by ThrowDown and had the privilege to train with the Pro Team ran by Dean "The Boogieman", and Professor Elias. At this time he had no official BJJ ranking, and was advised to put a Gi on. He found a respect for his Instructor and his encouragement and began the journey into the art of Gi Bjj. At the time of this writing he has received all of his belts promotions from Professor Elias, to the rank of Brown belt. The journey continues and his martial arts  family is constantly growing, He still holds true to his roots, street first, and learning the best skills to protect himself and his family, and help guide others to do the same.






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